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About William


I was born & raised in Long Beach California. My father returned from WWII with PTSD which resulted in sporadic violent beatings of my mother and me. I was chronically ill as a child so I missed out on many of the normal experiences around friendship, sports, & belonging.

As an adult, I affirm my early life experiences because they set me on a course of exploration of the various spiritual and psychological approaches to healing and the process of becoming a whole human being. Now that I'm 80, sharing what I've learned with others looking for positive life changes is my passion and my joy. 

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I've worked in "Human Services" in many capacities since 1965, splitting my time between providing direct services to individuals & families and positions in management. My early experiences include working as a recreational therapist in a private mental hospital, ten years at the Los Angeles County welfare department, where I started as a Social Worker I and ended up as Deputy District Director, and my work in Washington State where I was the only Children's Protective Services Worker for Grays Harbor County, including the Quinault Reservation.


Most relevant to my current work is intensive training in the Hakomi Method from October 1986 through May 1990.  

I received my Certification as a Hakomi Practitioner in 1988 and as a Teacher in 1989.  I also participated a various ongoing trainings and supervision over the following years. The Hakomi Method was the most powerful agent of change in my life and it is my privilege to be able to share it with others.


Although my primary approach is the Hakomi Method, I also received a Certificate in Social Services from UCLA (1969) focused on loss and the importance of grief work, completed a year-long training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in 1989, and certification as a Family Development Specialist in 2010.  I also have completed
Dr. Donna Beegle's trainings in working with people from generational poverty (2010).  In addition, I have a working foundation in Bowen Family Systems Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Bilateral Stimulation, and Characterological Development. I was trained in Integrative Rebirthing, a form of breathwork, by Jim Leonard in 1986.   


Most recently, after over eighteen years as a Hakomi Practitioner in Eugene Oregon, three years working with people living on the street in vehicles, and a dozen years as Director of St. Vincent de Paul's First Place Family Center, I "retired" into my current part-time Hakomi practice.  


At First Place, my wife, Diana (Hakomi Trained) and I had the opportunity to take what we knew about helping people make real life changes from our private Hakomi practices and find ways to apply it in a setting where ongoing counseling wasn't possible due to the size of the clientele. (During our tenure at First Place, we assisted 3,445 families consisting of 6,103 children & 5,116 adults = 11,219 individuals.)

I also do trainings for agencies in the community.  Topics Include Creating a Transformative Environment, Poverty-101, Applied, and Understanding Human Behavior.


I recently had the privilege of being one of the editors revising and updating the text, and also creating an index for the main Hakomi book, The Hakomi Way: Consciousness & Healing by Ron Kurtz.

I'm looking for a few people who are ready to do the work necessary for them to free themselves from the unnecessary suffering that results from being "stuck" and to see the world through new eyes.


If this is you, then let's talk...


Thank you for your interest.

William Wise

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